What We Do

Junk Removal

Whether it's simply removing an old television or cleaning out an entire property of left-behind material, we are happy to take on any junk removal job. Other examples include concrete, lawn, vegetation, soil, or constructions debris removal; and we do not shy away from hoarding situations.

General Labor

Essentially, we are extra human power with a good attitude. If you just need extra help with a project, give us a call. Some examples of general labor are soil moving, trenching, grading, fence repair, power washing, gutter cleaning, wood splitting, filling roll-off dumpsters, loading and unloading moving trucks, moving items inside the home or office, assistance with basic carpentry, simple demolition, yard work... you name it.  

Property Turnover: Residential or Commercial

Buying or selling a property? Residential or commercial tenant turnover? We can clean-out material left behind and give the property a face lift for potential buyers or renters.

Basic Landscaping & Brush Management

We can help with one-time landscaping projects to shape up a yard or property, chainsaw work to take on brush clearance, vegetation management, and creating defensible space.

Equipment Rental & Operation

Need to rent a piece of equipment? We'll do the legwork to get the equipment to your property, and we have experience operating the more commonly rented equipment.

If we can't help, we'll find someone who can.

If we are unable to help with your project or the work is outside of our scope, we'll help put you in contact with someone who can.

*We can not take household hazardous waste.

"Extra Human Power with a Good Attitude"