About Us

The concepts of the company are simple...

VALUE. We provide value to our customers by being confident our reasonable prices will be better than national, franchised junk removal companies, while providing an exceptional customer experience.

RESOURCE RECOVERY. Being a local and independent company, we have the flexibility to move discarded (but potentially valuable) material or items to the local people or organizations who see that value.

TRUSTWORTHY. Whether it is the first job with a customer or the 51st, our employees know that respectful, positive, and ongoing customer relationships are the reason we are in business.

HARD WORK. Completing physically demanding work is positive for the customer and the worker. With your vision in mind, we work safely and diligently to make it happen.

LOCAL. Based in Arroyo Grande, the company is locally owned and operated. We are residents of the Central Coast, proud to serve the local people, businesses, and communities with pride.

Our Commitments

Company Purpose : The company is designed to be a resource for local people to have easy communication with helpful human power. We are equipped with tools, hauling ability, and purposeful intent to improve your space in a safe, efficient, and respectful manner.  

Customer Service Concept :  We treat our customers like we would want our families to be treated. Every customer is important, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about junk removal or general labor.

Local, Reliable, Recyclers

The company is based in Arroyo Grande, serving SLO County and North SB County. The owner/operator, Jared Gamm, lives in Arroyo Grande, graduated from Cal Poly, and worked five seasons with the Los Padres National Forest as a wildland firefighter. He hopes the company will become a trusted local resource for residents and generate unique, quality employment opportunities in the area for years to come.

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